Telegrams from Santa Claus is family owned and operated from Santa Claus, Indiana... yep, that’s right, Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a unique small town of just over 2,500 residents nestled in the southern part of Indiana between Evansville and Louisville, Kentucky.

As you might imagine almost everything about our small town revolves around Santa Claus. From the street names, subdivisions, many local businesses and even the town's architecture and decor you can't visit without feeling a little Santa Claus magic!

We have been mailing letters from Santa Claus to children world-wide since the year 2000. We got the idea from a discussion with our Postmaster one day about how many letters come through our small town post office in December. In fact, more mail comes through in that one month than all other months combined!

Why? Well it seems that almost every letter addressed to "Santa Claus", sometimes in crayon but with the utmost sincerity, makes it's way here. Because of this our post office has gained much recognition and popularity to the point where many drive from long distances away to have their holiday letters "sent from Santa Claus."

We now, thanks to the internet, are able to share this tradition to you and others who can't make the trip to our small Christmas hometown.

Appropriately it was a child who provided the inspiration in naming this community after Santa Claus. Going into the fall months of 1852, there was no Santa Claus community. Residents of the area had spent months trying to select a name for the community but none of the proposed names carried universal appeal. Then, on Christmas Eve, as the congregation gathered at the church for yet another meeting, the sound of bells was heard outside. “Santa!”, a jubilant child rang out, “It’s Santa Claus.” “That’s it!”, shouted one of the elders. “Why not call it Santa Claus?” The residents all agreed and the town of Santa Claus was born.

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